Creative Problem Solving

Training Overview


Creative problem solving works by splitting the thinking about a problem into a series of three or more stages. We will do it in three main stages: an initial exploratory phase where you identify the problem to work on and considers it from different angles; a second phase where you consider alternative ways of dealing with the problem; and a third phase where you work out the detailed implementation of a chosen way forward. Within each of these three phases it is common to encourage an imaginative phase where different acts and possibilities are considered, followed by an evaluative phase where these possibilities are considered and a way forward is chosen. 


Training Benefits


Participants will be:

  • Introduced to the three stage model of creative problem solving.

  • learn about the two phases of each stage.

  • practice many creative thinking and problem solving techniques within each stage.

  • able to choose between more conservative and traditional techniques or those that challenge participants.

Training Outline


To learn about creative problem solving by immersing ourselves in the process. This is a practical course so come with problems to work on.

  • The six stage Buffalo model

  • Divergent and convergent thinking

  • What is the problem? Mind-mapping and illustration techniques

  • Mental state shift techniques – moving towards creativity

  • Problem reframing techniques – understanding problems, assumption surfacing

  • Multiple idea facilitation techniques – brain storming

  • Inducing change of perspective techniques

  • Bringing it all together by co-consulting and running creative problem sessions

  • Decision-making techniques

  • This course will cover over twenty different creative techniques.


Ideal Attendees


This course is suitable for managers, professionals and staff at all levels who need to creatively deal with problems.



Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.