Critical Thinking

Training Overview


Critical Thinking is the ability to correctly approach a situation from different perspectives in order to develop the best possible action. These skills provide ways to face challenges in business with more effective decisions and great confidence.

The two-day training will give you knowledge and tools you will need to effectively apply Critical Thinking in your organisation and will provide you hands on practice and feedback so you can use it immediately when you return to work.


Training Benefits


  • Recognize Critical Thinking and the value it adds to an organization.

  • Understand the component of Critical Thinking

  • Critical Thinking skills and techniques

  • How to use Critical Thinking skills when making business decisions and taking action

  • Define one's own critical thinking styles

  • Distinguish between fact and opinion more readily

  • Be more aware of critical thinking barriers & pitfalls

  • Promote Critical Thinking as a valuable practice in a high performance workplace

  • Apply Critical Thinking tools and techniques in Business Situations


Training Outline


  • Thinking & Types of Thinking

  • Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Thinking Tools & Techniques

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Critical Thinking Standards

  • Critical Thinking Styles

  • How to apply Critical Thinking

  • Virtues of Critical Thinking

  • Difference of Facts & Opinion

  • Advantages of Critical Thinking

  • Disadvantages/side effects of Critical Thinking

  • Barriers to Critical Thinking

  • Characteristics of Critical Thinkers

  • Critical Thinking in Business

  • Developing Critical Thinking


The training will include practical hands on exercise and case studies.


Ideal Attendees


This training is suitable for anyone whose job involves problem solving, ideas generation and wider thinking.  Mostly professionals who are in a position to make important business (or other) decisions.



There is no specific prerequisites for this training.


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.