Decision Making & Problem Solving

Training Overview


In Planning and managing projects, project managers freuently encounter problems and face criticla decisions. In order to gain control over the situaiton, project manager need effectively skills to identify and clarify issues, analyse and resolve problems, as well as to make right decisions to move the project ahead.

In response to this need, this training course aims to provide participants a logical and consistent approach to every situation, be it solving a complex problem or making a critical decision. By learning and applying the methods tought in this course, project manager and team members will be on the same wavelength, communicating with a common language, and thereby allowing them to work together effectively, deal with the issues at hand and not be side-tracked by poor communication.

Training Objectives


  • Identify and clarify issues that need to be resolved

  • Set priority and determine appropriate steps to deal with the issues identified

  • Define a problem in details before starting to resolve it

  • Find the root cause of a problem before investing in expensive solutions

  • Develop and evaluate situations to resolve a problem

  • Clarify purpose and scope of a decision

  • Develop a set of well balanced criteria for evaluating of options

  • Evaluate options and assess risks involved in each

  • Justify recommendation to a higher management

  • Ask incisive questions to collect and analyse information

  • Improve planning accuracy

  • Separate options from facts


Training Outline

  • Process overview

  • Situation Analysis

  • Problem Analysis

  • Problem Analysis Techniques

  • Problem Analysis Tools

  • Decision Analysis

  • Communication matters

  • Execution Analysis


Ideal Attendees

People in different positions of management



The benefit of this course will be increased if the participants take the Critical Thinking and Effective Communication training before or after this course. This will help them to have all the necessary equipment for solving problems and making effective decisions.


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.