You will find detailed information of our services on the services page. However, should there be specific questions and the answers are not found in other pages, please refer to the following or otherwise simply contact me. 

How do I make the first contact? What will be the charge?


Simply pick up the phone and call us or go on to Contact page and fill in the form with a short description of your request. We will then get back to you as soon as we can. The first session of 30-40 minutes for individuals and 1-2 hours for companies is free of charge.

We are working with other consulting firm but what if we only need your services for a short assignment within the running project?


This is possible and it can be organised depending on the task and the deliverable. Sometimes a small chunk of a project needs to be done with another external consultant as the current and running contract cannot be amended. Please feel free to contact us and we can look into the details together.

I am an individual professional but need some training on Time management, etc. how would this work for me?


There are different possibilities. Some times we have different individuals who have the same requirements and we create a group and conduct the training. However, if you wish you have couple of sessions on specific topic that can also be organised as one to one session.

I will have difficulty to travel, but need coaching and training, how could this be provided to me? 

​There is also a possibility of Skype sessions. The first session which takes about 30-40 minutes is free of charge in order to know you and your requirements better. As of the 2nd session the fee needs to be paid on the account and we can have regular sessions on the topic you require to learn or be coached.

What is your rate? is it different for companies and individuals?

​The rate is different for companies and for the individuals, as well as it differs from project to project depending on the complexity of the tasks and the work involved. Once the requirement analysis is done the rate will be announced to you. We also offer special packages for companies and occasionally for individuals.

What training materials are used and do we as companies/clients have to prepare something?


​All the training materials are developed by our experts and they are the assets of SwissInnovision. However, they are always amended according to the need of our customers. If you own a training room at your premises the training can take place there, otherwise, it will be organised by us.