Companies will benefit by increasing the number of persons who have an intrapreneur spirit. Being an intrapreneur is all about having an ability of innovations, taking calculated risk and creating an opportunity.

In the last decade, it became more and more important to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset especially of young people and women; encourage innovative business start-ups; and foster a culture that is friendlier to entrepreneurship and to the growth of SMEs. The important role of education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors needs to become more evident and recognized. Long before the word entrepreneurship became popular, the concept still existed. Small firms depend on entrepreneurs –individuals who have the ability to turn ideas into action and are willing to take the risks necessary to get a firm off the ground. It includes creativity, sense of initiative, innovation and risk acceptance, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.It became therefore evident that entrepreneurship training and education was very vital, hence it has been growing dramatically over the last couple of years in Europe and is still expected to continue growing.

The importance of intrapreneurship in the growth of established businesses must not be overlooked. Intrapreneurship can be defined as the launch and management of new, innovative opportunities from within existing large organisations.

Innovative organisation is taking the lead in implementing employee empowerment. Empowerment means giving power and is the natural extension of employee participation. It represents a high degree of involvement in which employees make decisions themselves and are responsible for their outcomes. So that, the ultimate goal of empowerment is self quality control, in which employees exercise complete responsibility and initiate and monitor their work. And this ability could be presented through intrapreneurs who have entrepreneurship mindsets.

Becoming an intrapreneur, each worker or professional will always have an innovative way to increase his/her own performance, daring to take calculated-risks to improve results and creating opportunities in order to reach objectives, such as improving efficiency during operational process.