Leadership Development Training Program & Workshop - Modules

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Program Content and Schedule


Personal Assessment Analysis (2 hours)


Module One – Critical Thinking (2 days)

  • Recognize Critical Thinking and the value it adds to an organization.

  • Understand the component of Critical Thinking

  • Critical Thinking skills and techniques

  • How to use Critical Thinking skills when making business decisions and taking action

  • Define one's own critical thinking styles

  • Distinguish between fact and opinion more readily

  • Be more aware of critical thinking barriers & pitfalls

  • Promote Critical Thinking as a valuable practice in a high performance workplace

  • Apply Critical Thinking tools and techniques in Business Situations


Module Two – Effective Communication (2 days)

  • How communication works

  • Values in Communication

  • Barriers in Communication

  • Assertive Communication

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Communication tools and techniques

  • Defining your communication style

  • Overcoming cross-cultural barriers


Module Three – Your Role as a Leader (2 day)

  • Values leadership

  • Characteristics of effective leaders

  • Leadership and management functions – distinction and overlap

  • Key concepts of personal organization and self-management

  • Time Management

  • Presentation Skills


Module Four – Building Your Organizational Culture (2 day)

  • Defining organizational culture and values

  • Best Cultures

  • Assessing your own organizational values

  • Assessing your own organizational culture towards the idea culture

  • How to develop the desired values and culture


Module Five – Leadership specific (2 days)

  • Leadership Style – Situational Leadership

  • Behavioral style and leadership

  • Leading Teams

  • Handling Difficult Behavior

  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Coaching

  • Delegation – creating time to lead

  • Goal setting – turning your vision into reality

  • Motivation

  • Giving and receiving feedback