Leadership Through Mindfulness

Training Overview


Leadership through mindfulness is built to allow us to explore what qualities contribute to empathic workspaces and how we can develop these to inspire creativity and connection. With the emerging of internationalization and the cultural differences, this training will provide you with ways to discover practices to nurture supportive partnerships and strong teams with deeper understanding and creative solutions.

Training Benefits


Participants will be:


  • equipped with tools for effectively managing real-world situations and practical collaborative communication skills within your team.

  • awaken and develop their innate empathy skills, leading to more effective relationships with yourself and others

  • be able to support their team to express disappointments, clear up misunderstanding and refocus energy.

  • be able to resolve conflicts peacefully and with more understanding and better connection.

  • be able to create systems that can catch and transform destructive and energy sapping situations. 

Training Outline


  • What is empathy and how does it contribute to business success?

  • Collaborative and empowering communication.

  • Transform relationships by changing how you think, speak and listen.

  • Practicing and developing empathy skills.

  • Discover the barriers to empathy and how to transform these blocks into connection.

  • How to develop your innate empathy skills, for a more effective relationship with yourself and others.

  • Making effective requests in order to get what you want

  • How to get a yes answer?

  • Turning conflict into connection

  • How to find the treasure within misunderstandings and disagreements

  • How to resolve conflicts peacefully and move forward with more understanding and connection.

  • Healthy workplace through healing workplace anger, disconnection and anxiety


Ideal Attendees


This training course is intended for people who are working in teams, specially if they are interacting with different cultures.




Training date / Location

2 days (tbd October/November 2015) / Vienna, Austria

2 days (tbd October/November 2015) / Bratislava, Slovakia


Training time

9:00 AM - 16:30 PM


Price (for 2 days)

Price (for 2 days)


Per person: € 1200.00

Group rate of 5 people: € 5500.00

If you have a bigger group than 5 please contact us and we will be happy to offer you another package.

Early bird registration (one month ahead) get %10 off.


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.