Negotiation Skills


Training Overview


Successful negotiation requires agreement and collaboration with others. Since other stakeholders do not often have the same interests, perceptions as well as values, skill is required professionally and personally.


We are in fact negotiating almost all the time. Whether with business partners, clients, suppliers, colleagues or family members, the success of our outcomes depends entirely in our understanding of the negotiation and communication process.


Negotiations are all pervasive and yet they often do not go as we expect or wish. This training course will introduce the participants to some of the reasons for falling short of success and what can be done about them. Participants will develop their personal negotiation style in order to implement it in a challenging environment.

Training Benefits


Our negotiation experts have developed a framework specifically designed to improve your negotiating performance. The framework is based on a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical negotiation methods experience to provide you with a due diligence framework that aims to instill best practice, values-centered negotiation skills. Participants attending this course will benefit from the following examples of learning outcomes:


  • Steer positional/tactical negotiations to a collaborative environment

  • Move from claiming value to creating value

  • Avoid leaving value on the table

  • Convert challenging relationships into rewarding relationships

  • Understand their own personal negotiation style and the impact thereof

  • learn effective team management and development strategies



Training Outline


  • Introduction to negotiation

  • Key attributes of the successful negotiator (building trust, preparing for negotiation, etc.)

  • How to prepare effectively (pre-agreements)

  • Personality types

  • Communication is the key (technology or verbal)

  • Understand the needs and interests of all parties involved

  • How to overcome cultural barriers

  • Skills used in a successful negotiation (Such as critical thinking, etc.)

  • Roles within the negotiating team

  • Opening the negotiation

  • BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiation Agreement)

  • Conclude better agreements through creativity

  • Identify potential barriers or hindrances to the engagement

  • Adopt a collaborative approach to ensuring trust, rapport an long term gains

  • Moving from bargaining to closing/agreements


The training will include practical hands on exercise and case studies.


Ideal Attendees

This training is suitable for anyone whose job involves negotiation, collaborating, problem solving and teamwork. 



There is no specific prerequisites for this training. However, we recommend communication course as a complementary subject for this training. 


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.