Executive & Personal Development Coaching

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Personal Coaching is a must for anyone serious about taking their performance to the next level and maximizing their training time and efforts. Our experienced coaches are available to assist you in achieving your personal goals, regardless of your level of experience and education.


Taking on a task as challenging as personal growth deserves a little professional help as well as motivation and will, and we provide the guidance through your path to achieve your personal development goals. You will work with your coach to create specific action items, share your progress, and get valuable feedback. Follow ups with mutual agreement will continue to reassure your motivation throughout your path.


How it works:


Personal development plan is an action plan to improve your specific skills through a personalized assessment, coaching, targeted development activities, and reassessment. In other words, after we have received your contact/message for an appointment (you can do that through the red button on this page):


  • We will contact you back within 24 hours.

  • You will receive the first 30 minute session free of charge to talk about your challenges and how to proceed.

  • We will agree on the following sessions date.

  • Your sessions could take place as a one to one in a location (if a coach is located close to you) or online.

  • We will work with you to find out what's standing between you and achieving your goal.

  • We'll assess your talents, personality traits, abilities, skills, etc.

  • You'll work with your personal coach to create a plan to overcome the roadblocks.

  • The plan will be made up of targeted activities (homework) intended to develop your self-awareness and skills you're concentrating on for improvement.

  • You will reassess yourself to see how much progress you've made.

  • Follow ups will continue to reassure your progress and success in achieving your goals.

Personal Coaching

Some common skills targeted for improvement are:

  • Assertive communication / Improving your communication

  • Building effective relationships

  • Decision Making 

  • Delegating and providing constructive feedback

  • How to say "NO"

  • Identifying your personal values

  • Managing conflicts

  • Negotiation

  • Personal and time management

  • Self-awareness


Terms and conditions / Methods of Payment:


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