Sharpen Your Sales Management Skills

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Training Overview


A challenge for many people with a sales management responsibility is to get to grips with the different elements of the role – especially if they have followed the “traditional” route by being promoted from a sales position. This intensive programme will combine the necessary skills for managing yourself and the job with those for managing the people.


Too many sales managers struggle with the challenges of their role. They fail to let go of their previous role as a seller because it is where they are comfortable. Therefore, they do not provide the right type of leadership and management for their people. As a result, they end up managing inappropriately.


The programme falls into three parts. We believe that you need to be able to manage yourself and the job first. Then you can pay attention to managing the sales operation before, finally, understanding how to lead and develop the sales people. We will give you the tools for each of these parts and the confidence to consistently achieve results in a supportive and positive manner for your sales teams and all colleagues. 


Why is this progamme unique?


Although the specific elements of the workshop can be found within different training programmes, the way we combine them here and relate them to the sales management role is what makes if powerful. The participants will find it helps them to develop their knowledge and skills for the role and to handle things in a more confident and constructive way immediately after on their return to work.

Training Benefits


By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have assessed yourself against the Sales Management competencies

  • Recognize the key responsibilities in your role as Sales Managers

  • Organise yourself to priorities your time effectively to do the “right” things for your role

  • Recognize the importance of a good sales plan and how to use it as a key management tool

  • Be confident about directing your sales people to being more proactive in how they use their time to generate sales opportunities

  • Understand the importance developing and using a control system in order to monitor sales performance effectively

  • Appreciate the need to monitor the sales activity as the key control

  • Be able to set the appropriate standards of performance for your sales operation

  • Know how to apply the Situational Leadership within your team

  • Understand what motivates and demotivates people – and the part you can play

  • Recognize the importance of on-going training and development for your sales team

  • Understand how to make effective observation and coaching calls or meetings

  • Know how to set realistic targets for your sales team and how to review them constructively

  • Appreciate the value of good effective feedback and be able to give, and receive, it

  • Be able to deal with under-performers constructively


Training Outline


  • Introduction and objectives

  • The role of the sales manager

  • Sales management competencies

  • Identifying result areas

  • Prioritizing tasks - make time to manage

  • Sales planning and controls

  • Developing your control system

  • Directing the sales team

  • What is leadership?

  • Motivating the sales team

  • Developing others

  • Guidelines for "on the job" training

  • Appraising and reviewing sales people

  • Dealing with under-performers

  • Practical activity

  • Personal action plans


Ideal Attendees


Anyone new to sales management; those who have some element of sales management responsibility; experienced managers who want to refresh their skills; business owners who want to be able to direct and control their sales operation.



There is no prerequisites for this training.


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.