Strategic Management and Planning for Business Success

Training Overview


Many managers and business owners are good at managing their businesses and dealing with the day to day and short-term issues. They feel confident in this as they get feedback on their actions quickly and know how successful they are, or where they need to make changes.


This workshop is aimed at providing an understanding of the importance of strategic planning and what is involved in the process and then implementing it. We will provide the knowledge and skills required to handle the challenges of strategic leadership in changing markets and times.


We will explore the link between establishing the strategic plan and the leadership skills to engage your people in the plan and motivation to achieve it. You will see the benefits of doing the thorough situation analysis before creating the plan. You will recognise the benefits of having a long-term strategy for the organisation, supported by rolling medium-term plans. You will know how to apply a range of strategic management tools as part of your assessment and have practised them. You will also understand how to manage the execution of the plan to ensure the performance you need. Also, you will be able to establish a process so that the planning activity can be cascaded to the main functions of the organisation, where appropriate.


The workshop is highly interactive and practical. You will be working on applying the principles and using the tools for your own organisations. This will enable you to implement many of the key learning points from the workshop immediately.


Why is this progam uniques?


We combine a range of well-established concepts and theories which underpin strategic planning with several new approaches and thoughts around this analysis and also for working on the implementation of the plan. Another way we ensure it is unique for you, the participants, is in our approach to ensure that it is practical and addresses your own objectives. Rather than focus on the theory we work with it to make it relevant to you and realistic.


There are activities throughout where you will be applying the tools and concepts to your own situations so that you can really understand how they work. Even if you have heard some of the ideas before, you have the opportunity to rethink your understanding of them and the chance to explore how you can use them in your organisation.


When we finish you will have the tools to develop a rigorous strategic plan for your organisation, have an action plan to create a strategic plan, and knowledge of how to lead and manage people to deliver the plan. Additionally, you will be able to maintain contact with the trainer to have on-going support and coaching when working on your plan to help you complete a comprehensive strategic plan to deliver business success.


Training Objectives


By the end of this workshop you will:


  • Appreciate the concept of levels of leadership and realise how it relates strategic planning and management

  • Understand how successful leaders communicate and use mission, vision and values to motivate and build commitment to their strategy

  • Be able to identify a compelling vision and mission for your organisation as a foundation for your strategy – and communicate them with conviction


  • Appreciate the value of having a clear strategy in a changing business environment

  • Know how the strategic plan should be shaping the day to day operational activities

  • Understand the process in creating a Strategic Plan

  • Know what tools and techniques to use to do the thinking and evaluation for strategic planning, including 5-forces, 7S’s and others

  • Use this analysis to identify your competitive advantage and decide your strategic intent

  • Have applied these tools and techniques to your own organisation

  • Understand the benefit of following a structured process to creating your strategic plan

  • Have set clear action plans to achieve the strategic objectives, aligning the operational activities with the Plan

  • Recognise the importance of maintaining attention on the execution of the plan

  • Have identified ways of measuring and controlling the process to ensure it stays on track or to identify variances when they occur – and take action, creating your own “dashboard”


Training outline


  • Introduction and objectives

  • Why strategy matters

  • Strategic v operational leadership

  • Vision, mission and values

  • Fundamental elements in a Strategic Plan

  • What is involved in creating the plan

  • Porter's 5 -forces

  • SWOT and SWOP

  • External assessments

  • Identifying your competitive advantage

  • Strategic plans, templates and processes

  • Strategic planning in practice

  • Turnin gplans into performance

  • Ways to monitor the plan

  • Personal action plans


Ideal Attendees


Directors and managers within organisations, business owners, partners in professional services organisation. Anyone who is responsible for, or contributes to, the strategy and strategic planning of their organisation.



Some management skills.


Training date / Location

2 days (October/November 2015) / Vienna, Austria

2 days (October/November 2015) / Bratislava, Slovakia


Training time

9:00 AM - 16:30 PM


Price (for 2 days)


Per person: € 1200.00

Group rate of 5 people: € 5500.00

If you have a bigger group than 5 please contact us and we will be happy to offer you another package.

Early bird registration (one month ahead) get %10 off


Program Language




A certificate attendance with the details of the Training will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the training.



The content of sessions are modified according to the level of the attendees.