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Head of Unit// Intrastate and International Legal Affairs Unit/Ministry of Finance of the SR

Thank you very much for the training, we liked it a lot and it really helped us to prepare for the negotiation with the country XXXX. I  know, that you were curious about the outcome, so we may gladly share with you the information that the negotiations, were contructive and fruitful, have been fully concluded. So, thank you very much for that, the learning of BATNA and ZOPA specially worked very well.


Andrej Benovic, Soft Skills Trainer, participating at the training of Cross Cultural Communication, Lenovo, Bratislava, Slovakia

What a nice training it was. Interesting topic plus your openness and willingness to share experience made it go fast  with lots of learning. It was a great learning.


CEO, YPE (Youth Political Education), Andrea Tittelove, Bratislava, Slovakia

Swissinnovision helped our group to shape our organisation, set our values and strategies and with the continuous services they offer, we are able to get to our objectives faster than we thought.


Ladislav, Vitalo Thermoforming, Business Development Manager, Slovakia

I enjoyed the training very much and learned so much from each Topic. The training was well directed to my goals and I enjoyed the different topics of communication, sales, negotiation and critical thinking. I could implement what I learned directly in my day to day business activities. I will certainly recommend swissinnovision training to other departments of our company and other companies for their teams.


Tommy Attaway, Senior Project manager, Perot Systems, GDIP Project, UBS - Swiss Bank Corp., Perot Systems Corp. Global Migration Manager at UBS, Basel

​Very professional and dependable to meet objectives while requiring minimal supervision and delivering quality results.

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Silvia, SAC, Slovak National Council, participating at the training of Critical Thinking in Mediation

I enjoyed the training very much. Mrs Davis is engaging and a skilled speaker that can catch your attention. She knows her topic very well.

Director Finance & Administration, Specpage

We received a very positive feedback from our participants – most marked our last training as excellent and applicable for their everyday life :) So thank you for that.

UN Women

Irene Hoskins, Sub-Committee on the Status of women, Head of Department, Switzerland

Your training courses were well prepared and thought in every clear and concise manner. Everybody who participated in the course thought they learned a lot. You will be pleased to know that we have sent copies of the training materials which you put together for us to our colleagues in Vienna who find it very useful, Thank you again for your help.

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Manager, participating at Critical Thinking Training, IBM, Bratislava, Slovakia

A memorable experience with vast, new skills learned which can and will be implemented in my professional life. Nasrin and Ramin brought lots of new ideas to our working environment.

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Ian Leslie, Interim Head of SMARTS Knowledge Center, The Swiss Stock Exchange, SWX, Zurich 

​Nasrin and I worked on the same project at SWX. She is a determined and professional woman, who applied herself well to get results, and I have no hesitation in recommending her; and would welcome the prospect of working again with her in the future.

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Erik Huska, Procurement Manager, IBM, Bratislava, Slovakia

Since 2012 we have engaged Swissinnovision as external company to train our staff and since then we only heard positive feedback from their work. 300 people were trained and the training of Critical Thinking offered by her was the hit in IBM and people are using what they learned at the training on their daily activities. This is how we like to spend our money, to see the result practically.


Ian Green, COO, Trainingfox SA for Deutsche Telekom, Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland

​Nasrin, as discussed today, Deutsche Telecom has accepted the pilot, with a very high level of satisfaction. This puts us in a strong position to gain more business with this client. This situation is due in part to the good work you and your team did during the pilot. I would like to  formally express our appreciation on the basis of complete customer satisfaction.

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Finance Manager, participating at Critical Thinking Training, IBM, Bratislava, Slovakia

This was one of the best training I have ever had. Very dynamic, filled with theory and exercises to give us the maximum. The trainer, Nasrin is an experienced professional with background in the field and consulting, therefore, was able to backup theories. I am very impressed, thank you very much for this opportunity...


Founder, Director Forel International, Slovakia, Bratislava / Trnava

Ms. Davis listens well to understand the needs, goals, possibilities and constrains of her client first. She is creative and able to provide custom-fit solutions in a practical and do-able way. She has a great communication skills and can encourage and stimulate personnel and get management excited about their goals. Ms. Davis has always shown high ethical values and integrity, devotion to the work that she does and is very goal orients. We have benefited from her expertise, skills and personal qualities a number of times and hope to be able to continue to do so. We highly recommend Ms. Nasrin Davis as an asset to any organization that works with her.


Valérie de Montmollin, DiVision AG, HR & IT consultants for financial services, Co-Founder, Zurich

​I am very pleased to recommend Nasrin Davis whom I highly appreciate as a very committed, straight forward, flexible and solution-oriented professional with a winning personality. Nasrin Davis takes great pride in doing a good job and in exceeding her customer's satisfaction. I highly recommend her and would definitely re-hire/re-assign her should a suitable role come up.​Top qualities: Great Results, Personable Expert.


Jean-Michel Marcastel, Co-Founder, Consultant, ISLE Switzerland, Nyon

Nasrin, this gifted professional has all the capabilities one expects from modern managers and consultants. But If I were to select only one capability, then it would be adaptability. No doubt many will put forth her analytical capacity to listen, understand, organise and act. But what has always impressed me above all has been Nasrin's capability to quickly adapt to totally unknown and awkward situations and, in the face of doubt, to always come up with a pragmatic and robust action plan. A very talented person upon whom one can rely with confidence and trust.


Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC, CEO, MKB Conseil & Coaching, was working with Nasrin at EPFL, University of Lausanne, Chair of entrepreneurship, Lausanne, Switzerland

Nasrin is a competent, approachable and engaging person that has high business standards. Our collaboration was very satisfactory as she is has high ethical standards as well.


Ben Morris, Head Teacher,  Cambridge test coordinator, Forel International School, Slovakia

​I had the pleasure of working with Nasrin Davis at the Forel International School in Bratislava, Slovakia during the 2009-2010 school year. Nasrin's expert knowledge of fiscal management and human resources matters were essential in ensuring that the school's business was conducted most efficiently and in keeping with the complexities of Slovak Republic law. Nasrin is tireless, meticulous and thorough, yet is possessed of engaging people skills. The well-being of every employee was doubtlessly Nasrin's uppermost priority. I recommend Nasrin very highly and without reservation.


Robert Mueller, Head of Procurement Geneva, UBS Wealth Management, Switzerland

As her superior in the GDIP project (Migration of around 2500 end-users to Windows Platform) I can describe the activities of Nasrin Davis, as the head of the migration team (a group of 15 consultants, from her company, Softvision) as follows:


  • Group Management for the organisation of activities related to data migration of Geneva region.

  • Assistant to Regional Manager of Customer Data Migration for the co-ordination and planning activities of Geneva, Basel and Zurich. 

  • User training and support, (1st&2nd level),

  • Evaluation of existing banking application and recommendation of new  ones, 

  • Needs analysis,

  • User requirements analysis,

  • Interface between Business Technology Center (BTC) and users,

  • Auditing the entire roll out conducting interviews with various management & user management community in Swiss regions,

  • Prepare and audit report and delivered with presentation to senior management.


As a overall-satisfaction we received a client feed of 90% to be "good-very good". Migration was a key issue when passing end-user from a non-windows platform to Windows. Nasrin, through her professional way of managing her team contributed widely to this very good result. Also, her client-oriented approach in analyzing business needs and the work-out of adequate solutions made it possible to receive high customer satisfaction.

Nasrin has a very professional and efficient approach to clients. She is strong in communication and business analysis.


William 'Gus' Berry, Program Manager - Swiss Bank Corp., Perot Systems Corp. Global Migration Manager at UBS, Zurich/Geneva/Basel/Lugano

Nasrin is one of the best professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my career. Always attentive to the client, her analytical skills are superior and critical to developing solutions focused at solving business problems. She is a valuable asset to any team.

CEO, DPI, Developing Potential International

Thank you for the fast and on time delivery of your business strategy instructions and coaching you have provided. We have made very positive experience with your consultants and would be glad to work with you in the future. Thank you